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Let's Talk About Pricing

I'm a believer in exceptional portraits at a just price based on common understanding. Price is generally influenced by things like time expenditures (both noticed and unnoticed). Not every photo shoot is the same, so I can adapt my pricing accordingly.

I try diligently to understand your portrait needs before the shoot so that we can have a very successful session. 

ALL pictures receive basic tender lovin' touch-ups and editing, but I am happy to perform more extensive or advanced editing upon request for an additional fee (fee varies based on request). This could include things like acne removal, softening of the skin, whitening of teeth, removal of objects, special filters or adding a vignette, etc. But if it's a minor and easy edit that won't require a noticeable amount of additional time, don't worry about it–I want to keep it simple. 

Session Pricing

For Additional Inquiries Contact
Jon Michael


text: 720.684.8159

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